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We have set up this website because we love real ale and like supporting the breweries that make it. It all started while we were driving round and saw a sign for Cotswold Spring brewery in the back of Leyhill prison near Wotton-under-Edge. We thought we would stop in as I knew they made Old Sodbury Mild (one of my favourites). The brewer was there and was very pleased we stopped and he was happy to sell us half a gallon of OSM straight from the barrel. It was a revelation! Possibly the best beer I had ever drunk sold by a nice person at a great price! Ever since then if we ever see a sign for a brewery I always stop for a chat and hopefully a pint to take away!

Not all breweries sell straight to the public (yet!) but we thought a website showing the ones that do would be a great resource for us(!) other beer lovers and the brewers. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear from you.

Cheers Simon & Elaine

This site is a not for profit site to benefit brewers and drinkers. There is no charge for being listed and any revenue from the adverts should hopefully pay for the hosting and domain name. We hope they are not too annoying! All we would ask is that if we happen to visit your brewery (with prior notice) for a chat or a photo, perhaps there may be some beer involved. Cheers.

Draught Beer vs. Draft Beer
Some people wonder if there is a difference between draught beer and draft beer. In the U.K., it is spelled draught beer. In America, it is spelled draft beer. They both should taste good!